Cherry (Prunus avium)

 Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium) is a plant native to Europe. The plant grows in abundance throughout the world, from the UK to New Zealand. The Cherry tree will take 3-4 years to produce it's first crop and at 7 years will reach maturity, producing its finest yields.
Cherries contain anthocyanins which are good for maintaining a healthy body. The anti oxidants help in inhibiting the oxidation promoted by oxygen and anti oxidants that help protect the body from damaging the preradicals or ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capability) it also measures the total anti oxidant value. Our body should at least contain about 3000-5000 oral units daily to reach the significant oxygen capacity that is required in the blood. Cherries contain melatonin which is five times more than the blackberries, strawberries, which helps in cases of insomnia and maintaining healthy joint function. It is also suggested for jet lag. Cherries are anti inflammatory agent and help the body fight against many conditions. Cherries also halp body maintain normal oxigen levels and help to maintain the body’s ideal pH balance. Cherries contain vitamin A, vitamin B and minerals like calcium and phosphorus (which is good for the brain). Cherrie give body the energy necessary for the body due to sodium content present in them.

Cherry Benefits for Skin:

Cherries are a good source of vitamin A, B, C & E which means a little cherry treat is sufficient for the multivitamin dosage needed by the body to keep the skin radiant and healthy.
Cherries help lighten skin. Cherry juice is believed to clear dark spots and help in skin lightening. Researchers believe that its prolonged use can regenerate and rejuvenate the skin.
Cherries are very rich source of anti-oxidants, known as Anthocyanins.
Cherries help in slowing down the ageing process by fighting free radicals present in the body.
Cherries are believed to be sleep inducing agents as they contain a chemical called melatonin, which regulates the sleeping pattern. Sleep is of utmost importance for overall health and beauty. A sound sleep eventually results in glowing and radiant skin.

Benefits of Cherry for Hair:

Eating cherries is not only good for the digestive system and skin but is equally beneficial for the health of your hair as well. The vitamins present in cherries are capable of providing nourishment to the hair. Here’s how the different vitamins present in cherries help in maintaining healthy hair.
Vitamin A - keeps hair and scalp hydrated. It also regulates the production of an essential acid called Retinoic acid which is important for hair follicles.
Vitamin B - helps in improving blood circulation in the body, including the scalp, which results in regeneration of the existing cells and triggers hair growth.
Vitamin C - helps in strengthening hair follicles and prevents breakage from the roots. It also nourishes the hair and prevents split ends and hair fall by stimulating the growth of new hair follicles.
Vitamin E- helps in proper blood circulation to maintain immunity and helps prevent any hair damage. It also maintains appropriate moisture in the hair and scalp.

The Cherry Kernel Oil.

Cherry Kernel oil is rich in Vitamin A, Cherry Kernel oil is similar to Sweet Almond and Peach Kernel oils, however it has a less greasy feel making in much more useful for skincare. The high amount of antioxidants, Oleic acid and natural emollient results in improvements to dry skin and refinement in large pores. Oleic acid (Omega-9) which is found in abundance in Cherry Kernel oil helps maintain healthy hair and fight agaist dandruff.
Cherry Kernel Oil makes a light, moisturizing addition to lip balms, body butters, salt and sugar scrub formulations. Cherry Oil is also beneficial in bath oils, and it works well as a penetrating carrier oil in aromatherapy.

Disclaimer: The information presented herein  is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

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