Wild Musk Rose


Wild Musk Rose

 Commonly known as “Elixir of Youth”, musk rose oil is extracted from the wild rose musk. The wild musk is commonly found in the dense forest or in the area that is pollution and dust free. Musk rose is also commonly known as Rosa Moschata. Its origin is uncertain but suspected to lie in the Himalayas. Musk rose plant is 3 meters long with beautiful white flowers. It generally grows in late spring in warm climates and late summer in cool climates. Musk rose oil totally justifies its name “Elixir of Youth” due to its amazing cosmetic and healing properties. Recent research has shown that when this oil is applied regularly on burns and scars, it has shown magical results. This essential oil also contains a form of vitamin A that is very helpful in the treatment of acne. The highly fragrant Musk rose oil is also known as the Elixir of Youth and obtained from the wild musk rose flowers by using the traditional steam distillation method. It is native to India and found in the places around western Himalaya. The oil is rich in therapeutic properties and excellent skin nourishing qualities. The chemical components carried by this oil are linoleic acids, fatty acids, alpha linoleic and others. It is widely used as an ingredient in the preparation of cosmetic products and medicinal products. With its rejuvenating aroma, it is also used for getting rid of stress and anxiety.
Flower of legend and mystery, the Rose has been a very inspiring Muse for great artists and a friend to women in taking care of their beauty, all throughout history. Today, molecular and cellular biology research and clinical medicine have unveiled some of the mysteries of this long-lasting fascination of Mankind for the Rose. It appears that not only is the Rose a symbol of Beauty, but it also brings and enhances Health and Beauty.
The aroma of this oil is of attractive floral and musk scent. Therapeutic PropertiesSome of the main therapeutic properties of it includes anti aging, antiseptic, and anti spasmodic. It improves the quality and texture of the skin by enhancing the elasticity of skin.
Wild Musk rose oil is widely used to fight against wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in improving elasticity and texture of skin. A two year recent research has shown the wonderful regenerating and healing properties of this oil on the skin. It can be effectively used for the treatment of burns, scars and wrinkles. Musk rose oil is widely recommended for the variety of cosmetic and dermatological problems such as aging spots and stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, sunburn, acne, eczema and psoriasis. Musk rose oil is an amazing moisturizer for all types of skin right from sensitive to dry skin. It also balances the PH scale of skin and it helps in revitalizing. By building up collagen, it increases the elasticity of skin and further helps in getting attractive skin texture.
Wild Musk Rose oil has quite unique healing and cosmetic properties that justify its name of "Elixir of Youth" from Nature. The oil owes its special title to the perfectly balanced richness of its components.
The Wild Musk Rose is closely related to the Wild Rose that grows in North America. It grows in the wild on the American continent, especially in Chile and in Andes where Nature is very pure and unpolluted. It gives fruits (rosehips) which are extremely rich in vitamin C. The exquisite rose oil extracted from the seeds of these fruits is a key ingredient in quality cosmetics and has proven to be a real Elixir of Youth for the skin. This is due to its very peculiar composition: it contains 80% of poly-unsaturated fatty acids (also called Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)) of which 44% of linoleic acid (or omega-3 EFA) and 36% of alpha-linolenic acid (omega-6 EFA). These two crucial EFAs usually come from two different sources (plants and fish or different plants like borage oil and flax seed oil) and are indispensable to cellular regeneration and epidermal suppleness. Moreover, these EFAs are present in Wild Musk Rose oil in a perfectly balanced high concentration.
Scientists doing clinical research on the Wild Musk Rose oil discovered that when applied regularly on scars and burns, it was very surprisingly healing and regenerating the skin: the scars and burns were either attenuated or even erased. This deep therapeutic effect of the oil was attributed to transretinoic acid (also called retinol or acid vitamin A) which is a very active form of vitamin A. This form of Vitamin A is frequently prescribed in dermatology in case of skin problems like acne and has to be used very cautiously because it may be a source of serious allergies and rashes. However, in Wild Musk Rose oil, the EFAs and other components which naturally perfectly balanced this very active regenerating skin vitamin. Thus, natural transretinoic acid in Wild Musk Rose oil has the same beneficial effects than its pure synthetic form without the negative side effects. The result is that unlike many cosmetic products, the Wild Musk Rose oil does not erase skin imperfections superficially, but acts in depth by delivering elements indispensable to skin cells.
Wild Musk Rose oil fights the aging process of the skin, stimulates the regeneration as well as it improves the texture and quality of the skin by increasing its elasticity. A two-year research project on the therapeutic properties of the Wild Musk Rose oil demonstrated clinically the unique healing and regenerative properties of this oil on the skin. Continuous application of the oil on effectively helped the attenuation of scars, burns, radiotherapy-induced skin damages and wrinkles. Wild Musk Rose oil is recommended for a variety of dermatological and cosmetic problems such as:

•wrinkles and fine lines
•stretch marks and aging spots
•damaged, devitalized or dehydrated skin
•burns and scars, whether they are accidental or induced by medical treatments like radiotherapy
•acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis
The daily use of either pure Wild Musk Rose oil or creams, lotions and other cosmetic preparations nurtures and regenerates the skin, maintaining youth and suppleness: Beauty from the Source.
Wild Musk Rose oil benefits.
Wild musk rose oil is a real "Elixir of Youth" from Nature and has many crucial advantages for skin care: •it is a powerful moisturizer for all types of complexion, including the most sensitive and dry.
•it reduces wrinkles, fines lines, surgical and dermal scars, age spots and stretch marks
•it repairs damaged skin, burns and sunburns.
•it revitalizes and balances
•it increases elasticity by building up collagen
•it protects the skin from climate and pollution damage

Disclaimer: The information presented herein  is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

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