HIGH ALTITUDE ORGANICS * NATURALS * HERBS * ESSENTIALS ™ - anti-aging skin care and ayurvedic herbal body remedies. Our products are formulated with one or a combination of the following: all-natural, organic, and toxin-free essential ingredients that can effectively help your skin and body.
All of our products are free of toxic chemicals, SLS, parabens, or other ingredients that have earned a bad reputation in cosmetic and personal care industry. We carefully choose our ingredients to be sustainably and ethically harvested, and make every effort to include only natural or organically grown ingredients in our products.

We currently carry four lines of products:
HIGH ALTITUDE ORGANICS™ - a line of products that contains organically or Kosher harvested ingredients.

HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ - a line of products that contains ingredients that have come from a natural source, such as plant or mineral.

HIGH ALTITUDE HERBS™ - a line of products or ingredients that are considered herbs, herbal teas, or herbal supplements.

HIGH ALTITUDE ESSENTIALS™ - products or cosmetic chemicals and ingredients that can be a combination of either of the above and are essential to performing a certain cosmetic function.


All products come with FREE SHIPPING within the USA by USPS, UPS, or FEDEX, depending on the size of your order.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - FLAT RATE SHIPPING FEE - $50 for ANY SIZE order. Click this button to purchase.
Pay this fee only ONCE with each order.


We currently accept credit cards or Paypal. If you wish to pay with a credit card, you may do it by using Paypal check-out. You do not have to have a Paypal account to process your credit card payment through Paypal. Just proceed without creating an account.
To purchase products on our website, please add them to the shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart" button on product page. To check your shopping cart, click on "View Cart" button.
If shipping outside of the USA, click INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING button to pay international shipping fee once for your order.


Products containing water.
Because our water-containing products are formulated without harsh (toxic preservatives), and only with mild natural preservatives, to ensure freshness, we recommend that they are used up within 3 months from the day of delivery if kept at room temperature; and within 6 months, if kept in a refrigerator.
Our general recommendation is that they are stored in a cool and dry place. All of our skin care products, containing water, come with an expiration date sticker.
NOTE: As of October 2012, we are re-formulating some of our products into a dry state, to allow longer shelf life without using any preservatives. For example, our masques will come in a powder form, and can be mixed with water/liquid right before application. For this reason, some of our products are currently unavailable.

Products not containing water.
Our massage oils, ointments, muscle rubs, and other products that don't contain water, have a longer shelf life, and best to be used up within 18 months from the date of delivery.

Dry herbs and teas.
Although, most herbs and dry herbal teas may have very long shelf life, storage duration vary due to many factors, such as humidity, sanitary conditions, etc. Therefore, we recommend that our dry herbs and teas be used within two years.

Bulk actives and raw ingredients.
For our bulk actives and other raw ingredients please refer to product description for specs.


Returns are accepted if mailed back to the store within 7 days from the day of delivery to you. Returns are accepted only in the original, unopened packaging with all original accessories and enclosures. Buyer is responsible for paying all return shipping charges.


Email: sales@highaltitudeorganics.net

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High Altitude Organics Naturals Essentials Herbs
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